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Cart Ninja – Shopping Cart App Review

If you’ve been looking for a shopping cart to try…

Cart Ninja – Shopping Cart App Review

Cart Ninja – Shopping Cart App Review

If you’ve been looking for a shopping cart to try and sell your latest stuff online then you’re in luck. I’ve come across one of the easiest to use, yet excessively flexible shopping carts out there!

Cart Ninja

Cart Ninja is a fantastic Shopping Cart that you should take a serious look at if you are looking to sell online.

Click Here to check out Cart Ninja

If you are selling simple products like a book or in my case a book about App reviews then the cart is so easy to use. It simply generates an Add to cart URL that you can start sharing anywhere. I’ve found it’s especially effective if I use my Add To Cart Link with a simple to see buy now button that looks awesome and user-friendly.

The cart also supports options which I find very useful for selling on a Fashion site i’m trying to get off the ground, it let’s you specify size, color, etc.. in a way that is easy for your customer to see and understand immediately. Remember you only have 4 seconds to really capture an internet visitors attention and the smallest thing will turn them away. That’s where Cart Ninja really shines, it has an easy to see intuitive checkout process that is one step and has increased my conversions by almost 200%!

I’ve also been thinking about selling some of my electronic music (or more actually electronic music my friend taught me how to make.) And I was excited to see that Cart Ninja supports digital downloads, which would give you the ability to sell an MP3 Album.

The other thing I liked about the cart is it’s focus on conversion. It makes the shopping cart so easy for the customer to use that it can really start to drive up your sales in a massive way. It’s an exciting eCommerce option that you should not pass up.

The Documentation is also straightforward, concise and easy to follow, it’ll help you get you up and selling in no time. The cart allows you to sell in to great ways, Credit Card Processing and Paypal Express Checkout. Which in my experience will satisfy 99.99% of the people out there, and really boost your sales like nobodies business.

While I’ve been selling simple products that don’t require any advanced options (so I always use the Add to Cart URL) it’s good to know that there is ways to add in options that is so much more broad and flexible than any other shopping cart I’ve ever seen. It’s really what sets Cart Ninja apart from all of the other shopping carts out there. You should most definitely do all that you can in order to give this cart a shot and seeing it can really help your business grow. I know it’s helped mine grow in ways I never would have thought I could. And that’s primarily because Cart Ninja is a shopping cart done right.

If you are looking to sell online then Cart Ninja is more than likely the shopping cart for you!

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