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iReminder – Incredible iPhone Reminder Application

iReminder is a simple to use Reminder app similar to…

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iReminder – Incredible iPhone Reminder Application

Name: iReminder
Creator: TechBase

OS: Type:

Score: 9.9 / 10

Supported OS:

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iReminder is an easy to use Reminder Application with a wealth of features that will help you remember and do important tasks in your life.

iReminder Gallery

The Good

  • Fluid and easy to use interface
  • Fully Customizable Categories
  • Integration with iOS 5 Notification system
  • Auto Snooze Functionality (VERY USEFUL!)
  • Works on older OS Versions

The Bad

  • Occasional Crash (rare)

iReminder Review

iReminder is a simple to use Reminder app similar to Apples built in Reminders but has some added and much needed features. First of all the interface is extremely easy to use and navigate.

iReminder Home

A slick and easy to use User Interface make iReminder a joy to use.

The feature I find myself using time and time again is the “Autosnooze” Feature. The way I use it is basically the most important tasks I set for a LOW amount of autosnooze duration, meaning that I will be constantly reminded about that task over and over again until I mark it as done. This is extremely useful for important task and increases the chances that I will actually remember to do the task.

iReminder Autosnooze

Autosnooze is a surprisingly useful feature that most reminder applications lack. iReminder has the feature built in.

BTW you can configure the Autosnooze to be default like the picture above in the edit settings menu, or you can specify a snooze duration for each individual reminder which allows you to custom specify reminder priority and importance, very handy.

iReminder also works well with iOS 5′s amazing new notification system. The way you set it up with the notification system is completely up to you, but I prefer the banner layout which will remind you like below:

iReminder iOS 5 Notifications

iReminder works very well with iOS 5's new "Banner" notification system, this type of notification is very unobtrusive while still notifying you about the task at hand.

You can also get an alert setting which pops up like a text message to show you the reminder, so you have some options available to you.

All in all iReminder is a nifty reminder application that you will find yourself using time and time again.

Final Score: 9.9 / 10 Get The App

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