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Pocket Legends Review

Pocket Legends is one of the first full scale MMORPG’s…

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Pocket Legends Review

Name: Pocket Legends
Creator: Spacetime Studios

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Score: 8.8 / 10

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Pocket Legends is a casual MMORPG game that features the ability to create your own character and explore an expansive world with hundreds of other players. One of the very first MMORPG games to hit the iOS store.

Pocket Legends Gallery

The Good

  • Play with Hundreds of players
  • PVP Gameplay
  • Simple and Easy to Catch On (Low Learning Curve)

The Bad

  • Game can be too Easy at times, It's not a challenge
  • Graphics outdated

Pocket Legends Review

Pocket Legends is one of the first full scale MMORPG’s to hit the iOS market. Despite the iPhone and iPads obvious shortcomings the game does a commendable job of providing some fun MMORPG action that you can also play with your friends.

Pocket Legends is one of the first MMORPG's to hit the iOS

The game features a wide and expansive world to explore, and has thousands of players from around the world.

Pocket Legends People

The first town you go to in League of Legends you'll see all kinds of players playing the game.

The gameplay’s controls are quite simple and easy to master. In fact that’s really the only complaint we had about the game was that is wasn’t very challenging, this made it not as engaging or exciting as we think it could be. Storyline elements are fairly cliche, and also not extremely engaging. The games innovation and creativity help make up for this.

Pocket Legends Bosses and Battles

The Gameplay in Pocket Legends is cleverly thought out, and the interfaces are fairly easy to use. The game is very easy to play, almost to easy. Understandable with the limitations of the iPhone.

In conclusion, Pocket Legends is definitely worth a download and play. Another exciting feature of Pocket Legends is that the game is the first of it’s kind universal app that you can play on virtually any device (your same character). Whether it’s your PC, iPhone, or Android device you can play your character on any of those devices. Spacetime Studios is the first company to be able to pull this amazing feat off.

Spacetime Studios

Spacetime Studios unveiled some exciting technology that allows you to play your character on multiple devices including PC, iOS and Android. Spacetime Studios is one company you want to keep an eye on for their innovation and creativity.

Final Score: 8.8 / 10 Get The App


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