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Rev Ersi Quest Fantastic Fantasy Game Based On Reversi

Reversi on it’s own is a way fun game, Reversi…

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Rev Ersi Quest Fantastic Fantasy Game Based On Reversi

Name: Rev Ersi Quest
Creator: Yokogosystems

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Score: 9.3 / 10

Supported OS:

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Rev Versi Quest is a fun, brain challenging game based on the popular Reversi with some creative twists!

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The Good

  • Fun Retro Graphics
  • Challenging Gameplay
  • Fun Characters and Classes

The Bad

  • Hard to Master

Rev Ersi Quest Review

Reversi on it’s own is a way fun game, Reversi with figures, spells, healing, and more is even funner! That’s why we absolutely loved Rev Versi quest While based on Reversi this game would be a blast for anyone to play! It features awesome characters like Knights, Mages, Healers, etc.. in clever, puzzle style gameplay that will leave you having hours upon hours of fun!

With over 20 different Character types Rev Ersi Quest is a intricate game that will challenge your brain and let you have fun doing it. Each character can be leveled up with boosted abilities extending the play time tremendously and letting you have all sorts of fun and challenging strategy.

Each map on Rev Ersi quest is unique and challenging with all sorts of treasures and pickups that will help you navigate through the game providing added challenge and fun times that you will love day in and day out. It’s a fantastic option that you do not want to pass up! The game is also being actively developed to include online play which will be a huge blast!

Final Score: 9.3 / 10 Get The App

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