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Zenonia 4 – Review

Zenonia was one of the first “Zelda” style RPG games…

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Zenonia 4 – Review

Name: Zenonia 4
Creator: Gamevil

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Score: 8.6 / 10

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Zenonia 4 attempts to create a Zelda-like game to satisfy the clamoring demand, a bit off the mark with a clunky control system but they might be the closest yet.

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The Good

  • Impressive Zelda Esque Graphics
  • Storyline integrated into the game
  • Upgradable equipment and items

The Bad

  • Clunky somewhat frustrating controls
  • Leads to frustrating combat

Zenonia 4 Review

Zenonia was one of the first “Zelda” style RPG games to hit the iPhone Market, the game has some very good ideas and some excellent graphics. If you can get over the somewhat clunky control system then this game is a keeper.

The graphics in Zenonia are nice and vibrant, and very "Zelda-ish" the control system is a bit clunky, and fairly frustrating at times.

This is one of the better Zelda style games on the iPhone but I don’t think anyone’s been able to conquer this widely sought after arena of the mobile game market.

Final Score: 8.6 / 10 Get The App

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Author: JordashTalon

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