Do Apps Work On Computers?

Apps are awesome on smartphones and tablets, but can you really use them on computers? A lot of people think that it’s impossible to use an app on their desktop or laptop computer, but this isn’t necessarily true!

You can download many apps onto your computer with the right tools, and if you aren’t quite sure how to go about doing this, the following guide will tell you everything you need to know. Have fun exploring all of the great possibilities that come with apps!

Do I need the same app for computer as I do my phone?

No. The same way you don’t need to buy an entirely new computer when you decide to change from a PC to a Mac, you don’t need to buy new software when you switch platforms.

You can have your favorite app on both if your operating systems are similar enough; if not, remember that most major apps have mobile versions of their sites.

So if you can do it online, chances are you can also do it on your desktop or laptop screen. One tip: Make sure your browser is up-to-date so your device can take advantage of any optimized performance or security measures offered by its manufacturer.

How can I download an app to my computer if it’s not available in the store?

Apple users will see a Get button in their browser instead of an app store. Hover over that button, and you can download an app to your computer or phone.

You may also be able to search for it within iTunes on your desktop. In addition, most companies have web-based versions of their products where you can download them (such as Evernote).

If all else fails, contact customer service for assistance with getting something downloaded to your computer. They should be able to walk you through it!

What if I have an Android phone but use a Mac computer at home?

If you have an Android phone, but don’t own a compatible device to run Google Play Store on your computer (such as Microsoft Windows), you can access most of your favorite apps by using Google Chrome with unknown sources enabled.

With unknown sources enabled in Chrome, you can browse from within Chrome to install app APK files directly. To enable unknown sources in Chrome for Mac or PC: From your browser’s address bar, enter chrome://flags/#enable-android-apps.

You should see an Enable Android Apps to be installed via APK files option under Flags. Click Enable. You may be prompted to restart your browser after enabling a new flag or modifying an existing one; close any open tabs and click Restart Now once ready.

What about other devices like Chromebooks or Microsoft Surface tablets?

If you find yourself looking for a similar app but it isn’t available for your computer or mobile device, there are usually ways to adapt. Most services offer website versions that can be accessed through your internet browser.

For example, Google Calendar offers a basic online version of its calendar app—Google Calendar in Your Browser—that lets you check your schedule from any computer, tablet or smartphone without actually downloading anything (it just works through Chrome).

If you have specific questions about using an app with a specific device, there are probably answers already out there. Check Google or YouTube first! And if not… ask someone who uses it all day long: Tech support is often free; professional or not-so-professional advice may come at a price.

Is there any way I can access Kindle books from my computer instead of just from my phone or tablet?

If you have an Amazon account, go to Manage Your Content and Devices . If you have several devices linked to your account, select one of them from under DEVICES.

Under CONTENT, you will see a list of your Kindle books; if there is a check next to Sync to device (or if it says Synchronize automatically), then you can read that book on that device.

Select deliver to my … computer so it will download onto your computer as well. Then click go. Once it is done downloading (you may need to refresh your browser) click open.

Any tips for finding free apps or free movies online that I can play on my computer without needing an app or plug-in to play them?

Don’t do it. If you’re not paying for an app or movie, there’s a good chance that you’re pirating content — which is a bad thing.

Piracy is illegal and can land you in serious legal trouble; even if you don’t think it’s hurting anyone, know that entertainment companies don’t agree with your interpretation of morality.

Basically, steer clear of any web page or website promising free movies or music — there are plenty of legal sources out there instead.

Which is better—apps or web pages?

A common misconception is that you need a smartphone or tablet to enjoy mobile apps. But it’s not true. To use many popular programs like Facebook, Angry Birds, Google Maps or Netflix (just to name a few), all you need is a computer connected to Wi-Fi or a reliable data connection via cell phone networks.

That doesn’t mean it will be fast enough for video streaming (it won’t), but for basic websites and lightweight programs/apps, it’s just fine! It’s usually convenient to carry around an iPad if you’re out of Wi-Fi range—but there are plenty of ways to get online with your laptop when traveling.

How do I install apps on my computer?

Most operating systems have built-in methods of getting software onto your computer. For example, Apple users can visit a special website and download programs directly to their iDevices; Windows 7 users can search for software online (often via Microsoft’s app store) and install it directly onto their PCs.

However, there are also dedicated third-party services that exist to make installation easy: AppStoreHQ will even let you install programs right from your browser window. Search how do I install apps on my computer or try AppStoreHQ where every app is free to download today.

Final Word

Most of us have mobile devices, including tablets or smartphones. But what about desktops or laptops? Can we run applications such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube directly from our computer? The answer is yes; in fact, all three of these tools offer a browser-based version that you can access from any device with a web browser.

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